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Journal of Legal Sciences

Edited by the Faculty of Law of ‘Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano’

The Faculty of Law of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano publishes a law review called "Jus – Rivista di Scienze Giuridiche"(Jus – Journal of Legal Sciences). In particular this review is focused on the analysis of the general issues of law which are examined considering principles and never-ending values of reason and justice. The latter must be affirmed and maintained for ever beyond historical changes.
The review contains a series of essays and papers. The aim of all these works is to actively contribute to promote and to defend human and fundamental rights, as well as to pursue the development of civil solidarity. All these perspectives of scientific research involve internal, international and UE legal systems.
Last, but not least, the review publishes focused and specific essays concerning legal problems and topics which every day challenge jurists operating in various legal fields.

The manuscripts sent by authors are submitted to a double-blind peer review before being accepted for publication.
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Scienze giuridiche

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In ricordo di Vittorio Colesanti
by Valerio Tavormina pages: 2 Download
La responsabilità civile da impatto negativo sui diritti umani di cui alla Proposta di Direttiva UE in materia di Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence: profili di diritto interno funzionali al recepimento
by Francesco Buccellato pages: 33 € 6.00
A brief overview of the Proposal for a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence which focuses on the important innovations it intends to introduce to protect third parties involved in the value chain. The paper considers some specific italian contractual and civil liability rules perhaps useful for outlining an implementation perspective.
Controversie di lavoro con la pubblica amministrazione e ragioni della giustizia amministrativa. Alcuni problemi ancora aperti
by Aldo Travi pages: 11 € 6.00
The author points out how in the civil jurisprudence on labor disputes with public administrations a conception frequently emerges which re-proposes notions and characteristics of administrative law, despite the transformation of the the public servants’ statute into a contractual statute.


Appunti sul presente e sul futuro del sistema sanzionatorio civilistico
by Giuseppe Portonera pages: 34 € 6.00
The essay focuses on the private law sanction system, both in its current state and potential evolutions. The starting point of the analysis is that an inquiry about the role of punishment in private law entails a question about the functions of private law. After elaborating a tentative typology of the different kinds of civil sanctions, the essay recognizes a place for measures that, operating beyond strictly private disputes, may strengthen the interest of the public, while questioning the opportunity of a so-called ‘’criminalization’’ of private law remedies.
Una riflessione comparatistica sulla sanzione civile
by Francesca Benatti pages: 19 € 6.00
The essay examines the notion of civil penalties from a comparative law perspective. After examining the penalty clause, it focuses on punitive damages. Central in the assessment of the figure are the aims to be pursued. Above all, the social function has become important. The cases, the safeguards to be applied and the quantification criteria must be determined.


Giurisdizione e tutela del cittadino
by Luigi Paolo Comoglio pages: 7 € 6.00
The author analyzes the principles stated in the articles 24 and 113 of the Constitution, noting their importance as unitary principles of guarantee for the exercise of the judicial function. These principles must therefore be fully applied even in special jurisdictions, despite the obstacles represented by different traditions.
I nuovi modelli dell’azione amministrativa
by Carlo Marzuoli pages: 10 € 6.00
The article, with reference to some fundamental themes (identity of the administration and citizens, powers and acts in administrative action, regulation of private activities and events of simplifications, ‘‘new’’ principles) concerns the contribution of Aldo Travi aimed at identifying the constitutional model of public administration and for an administrative law that increasingly conforms to that model.

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